Grocery Life May 29, 2015

Grocery Life May 29, 2015tea tree 2

By Tom Butler

Good afternoon from Butler and Bailey Market. I hope everyone is having a good week! We have had a good week at the store. Sales have been good and we are pretty much fully staffed.

We always lose a few employees when school lets out but we have filled their spots quickly for the summer. This year we have had more good applicants than we have space for which is a good problem to have. It always seems to be feast or famine with employees. When we need more people, we can’t find them. When we don’t need people, they are everywhere.

We are still trying to find out when or if Blue Bell ice cream will be available again. You may have heard that they have laid off a lot of their employees so I am guessing it will be a while before we will have their ice cream again.

We have brought in a lot of new products to fill in the space they had in our freezer. We have added Michael’s Best gourmet ice cream, Breyer’s and Turkey Hill Gelatos in several different flavors. We have also added more flavors of gallon pails as well as Morning Fresh Premium ice cream which is our private label. To be honest, I have not tried any of them, but they all seem to be selling well. I rarely eat ice cream or any kind of desserts for that matter so you will have to be the judge on these new items.

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I had a customer ask me last night about homegrown carrots. He said the ones we had last year were the best he ever had. Well, we called our farmer this morning and he is about six weeks out on his carrots and okra. He has been bringing us broccoli already and his beans and cucumbers should be coming in pretty soon also.

Eco-rich farms, out of Greenback, brought us another load of leafy greens this morning. Their produce has become so popular they are making extra deliveries now. They brought baby kale, butter lettuce, and mixed salad greens this morning. If you try their products, you will notice the difference.

eco rich farm products

The meat department has been selling a lot of cowboy ribeye steaks this week. They are on sale and with the nice weather, everyone must be cooking out. The meat department also special ordered some tomahawk ribeyes for a customer. We do a have few left over if you really want to wow your friends this weekend.

tomahawk ribeye


We did have a fellow in here Wednesday that decided to grab an arm load of steaks and run out the door. Our cashiers gave chase but he had another guy in a getaway car waiting outside so they got away.

If any of you happen to see two scumbags in a black, two door Honda Accord, tell them I hope they enjoyed the steaks and I hope they enjoy hell.

On a brighter note, my wife and daughter seem to be having a great time in England. Somehow the pictures they take show up on my phone and computer so I have been keeping up with them through pictures. They have taken pictures of the usual attractions but also of unusual things. One picture is of my daughter standing by a phone booth. That got me thinking, that may be the first phone booth she has ever seen. I’m not sure you could find one in the states now.

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Since they are staying with an English family, I think they have tea every afternoon, and it appears after the English have tea they go sit in the top of a tree. I didn’t know that was a tradition, but I have never been to England. I would have thought they were too proper to do that. Anyways, I am sure it has been a great experience for both of them so I am happy they got the chance to go but will be glad when they get home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend…except for the two scumbags in the black Honda Accord.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your community,

Tom Butler


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