Produce & Floral


At Butler & Bailey Market, we take pride in the freshness and quality of our produce. Our goal is to provide you with fruits and vegetables that are fresh and full of flavor to enhance all of your meals. We receive deliveries from three to five times a week to help ensure that you get the best produce available.


We offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and have many organic products to give you the best selections for living a healthy lifestyle. From succulent sweet corn to red ripe strawberries, our produce is some of the best in town.

Organic Produce Butler & Bailey

Everybody knows that some of the best tasting produce comes from local and regional farmers. We believe that buying from local and regional farmers not only gives us better produce, but also supports our local economy as well. We have been buying our Grainger County tomatoes and other local produce from the same farmer for over 20 years.

Produce Department Butler and Bailey Market

By building these relationships with local suppliers, you can rest assured that you will be getting quality year after year. We are always looking to build relationships with other local farmers as well. If you grow your own produce or know someone who does please give us a call. And we will do our best to get your produce on our shelves and on our customer’s plates.

Florals Butler & Bailey

We also carry a selection of fresh floral bouquets. With the most beautiful of seasonal flowers for your gift giving, or home decorating needs.