Grocery Life April 28, 2014

tom and erica

Grocery Life

April 28, 2014

By Tom Butler


Good morning from Butler and Bailey Market! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here at the store it was a very busy weekend. We wish everyday was a warm sunny weekend day.

I mentioned Friday that Rocky Hill Hardware   was having their customer appreciation day this past Saturday. They had a record breaking day. I know they got 750 hot dogs from us and served everyone of them. This community always supports special events in the shopping center and all of us are very appreciative.


My weekend was busy as usual.   When you have a seven and ten year old, it seems like we always have 100 places to be, and they are in a hundred different directions. About the time you sit back to relax for the weekend it is bedtime Sunday night. I guess the big thing at our house this weekend was my father-in-law came to visit. A father and his daughter is a dynamic not be taken lightly by a son-in-law. If that’s not enough, he grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has been in law enforcement all his life. I grew up down the street from the store and didn’t want to be a policeman even when I was a kid. It is almost comical when he and I try to make conversation. I have no idea of the world he lives in and he has no idea of the world I live in. I think my wife likes to conveniently disappear for long periods of time, leaving he and I alone, just to make it harder on me. Then she will jokingly ask me later if we bonded. The one thing he and I do have in common is we both love his daughter and his grandchildren, which seems to overcome any other differences we might have.lauren and tyson beach



This week at the store our new two week ad starts. You can find that on our website or pick-up a copy in the store. My favorite thing on sale this week would have to be the Kurobuta pork chops. This is a Japanese style pork chop that is very tender and flavorful. They are usually think cut so they go great on the grill. I season them with Regas seasoning, sear both sides and then slow cook them until done. Try some out and let us know what you think.

Our May cooking class schedule is out and there are still plenty of spots available. You can find the menus and   dates on our website. If you see one you would like to attend just call the store to make a reservation. Have a great day.


Thanks for letting us be a part of your community,

Tom Butler

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