Good afternoon from Butler & Bailey Market!  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.  It looks like we will have about three more days of it until the bottom drops out of it.

I am writing today to send out a quick reminder about the Rocky Hill Christmas Parade tomorrow.  It starts at 6:00 pm.  For those of you who have never attended, the parade route starts on Morrell Road around Rocky Hill Elementary School. From there, it turns left on Northshore Drive, travels right in front of our shopping center before ending at Rocky Hill Baptist Church.

For those of you who have attended before, you already know to come early and enjoy all the festivities surrounding the parade.  I am sure there will be many pre-parties, after parties, and a lot of tailgating!  There will be many options for food and beverages as well.

The Parade is the biggest event in Rocky Hill every year, and tomorrow’s will be the biggest we have ever had.  It must be a big deal because a U.S. Congressman called me last week asking about how he could get in the parade.  I’m not the guy to call about that, but I did give him a piece of my mind on a few other things while I had him on the phone.  Actually, I didn’t; never seems wise to start trouble with a politician.

The Rocky Hill business community is the financial support behind the parade.  It is our way of showing appreciation for all of you that support us throughout the year!  There are also many volunteers from our community that spend a lot of time putting this together (which is not an easy task) so, I want to extend a BIG thank you to them!

We really appreciate being a part of this community as well as being a part of the parade!  I hope you will join us tomorrow to witness how special the Rocky Hill community is!

Tom Butler

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