FULL-TIME STARTS AT: $13.50/HR. (must be 18 years or older to apply)

At Butler & Bailey Market, our Meat Cutters work hard, day after day, to present our customers with the best meats & seafood! Their goal is to set our cases with products that look as attractive as they taste. Whether our customers need suggestions on what specific cuts they’re look for or just some pointers on how to best prepare them, our Meat Cutters really know their stuff! Our experienced Meat Cutters are tasked with a number of duties, including, but not limited to:

  • Stocking product using proper rotation procedures
  • Checking product for quality & freshness
  • Cutting and wrapping beef, chicken, & pork
  • Grinding meats
  • Setting up seafood
  • Helping customers at the full-service case
  • General clean-up tasks
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some cases of stock weigh up to 80 lbs. so, applicants must be able to lift these throughout the day.