Grocery Life November 28, 2014

Grocery Life November 28, 2014

By Tom Butler

Good afternoon from Butler and Bailey Market. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a nice day at our house yesterday. I did have to turn the fly tying room into the dining room for the event. It was the four of us, plus my mother, my brother and his wife and daughter, and Tyson’s piano teacher, Charleena.dinner table cleaneddining room table 2

Charleena’s family is in Chicago so Erica invited her to eat with us since she will not be able to get home until Christmas.

I learned yesterday that it is a good idea to invite a piano teacher to Thanksgiving lunch. I think since we fed her, she felt obligated to play the piano for us. After lunch, she did just that.

We have had a piano since the kids started taking lessons, but yesterday was the first time it had been played by someone with her skill set. It sounded great! If I ever get rich and famous, I think I will hire someone full-time just to play our piano at my pleasure. Up until that time, I am going to recommend Erica inviting Charleena over for lots of meals.

tom's piano

Well today is Black Friday. This is the one day of year I would not go shopping, except for groceries. I don’t like crowds, I don’t like lines and I don’t want to start shopping at midnight.

Tomorrow is small business Saturday. I guess this is when all the small businesses get the leftovers from Black Friday.

It is small business day every day in Rocky Hill. We are a community of small businesses. I guess Pilot is a big business but it still seems small to me. The folks that own that company shop with us and take an interest in our community like the rest of the business owners in Rocky Hill. So I guess that’s why I still consider them a small business. I think the only difference is they can probably afford a piano player at their house.

I hope you will get out Saturday and support small businesses that you do not normally frequent, and I appreciate the support you give our small businesses in Rocky Hill on a daily basis.



Next Saturday, the sixth, is the first ever Rocky Hill Christmas parade. The big stores may have Black Friday but we have Parade Saturday.


A lot of people have put in a lot of hard work planning this event so I hope you will come out and support it. The parade starts at 6:00 p.m. but I am sure there will be festivities for you to enjoy before and after the parade as well. I hope you all will be able to come to the big event. Sam the painter says events like this only happen every fifty years in Rocky Hill so you don’t want to miss it.


Have a great weekend and I will see you at the parade if not before.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your community,

Tom Butler


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