Grocery Life May 22, 2014

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Grocery Life

May 22, 2014

By Tom Butler


Good morning from Butler and Bailey Market. I guess school is out for most everyone by now, so maybe some of you get to sleep in this morning. If your kids are like mine, they will probably be bored by lunchtime. I guess that is why swim teams and summer camps are so popular.

In my last blog I wrote about frying okra. Several of you asked me about fried green tomatoes. I do them exactly fried green tomatoes 2the same way I do the okra. Once they are fried, I put them on a bed of leafy greens, usually spring mix, and then add goat cheese crumbles. I like to use smaller tomatoes because the smaller slices work better on a salad. We always keep a good supply of Grainger County green tomatoes if you want to give this a try.

We had our first ever request for a “reveal” cake this week at the store. This is a growing trend with expecting parents. Some of you may have seen Abby Ham cut into her reveal cake on her news cast. Instead of expecting parents finding out the sex of their child and announcing it, they plan a reveal party with friends and family and have a cake made with the inside being either pink or blue. When the cake is cut, the color is revealed and everyone finds out the sex at the same time by surprise. In this circumstance, these parents want to find out at the party with everyone else so they had the doctor write down the sex and put it in a sealed envelope. Then they brought me the envelope so I am the only person that knows the sex. What a heavy burden for a grocery man. Now Nancy in our bakery department knows because she had to bake and decorate the cake yesterday, and the parents will know soon because the party is tonight. I will let you know in baby reveal cakethe next blog. My wife and I chose not to find out with our two children, which is pretty unusual these days. My mother always told me that the birth of a child is one of God’s miracles so we just let Him do His thing and found out when they came into the world. It is an exciting time regardless of when everyone finds out.

This weekend should be very busy at the store since it is Memorial Day weekend. We also have a new two week ad starting Sunday. We will be running the smokers all weekend with ribs, Boston butts, pork tenderloin, chicken, and salmon. The bakery/deli will have homemade strawberry shortcake, peanut butter pies, and chicken salad featured this weekend. Melon season is in full swing so cantaloupes and watermelons are really good right now. Mike, who oversees our dairy department, recommended I try our new Sargento Tastings cheese. He really likes them. We have four varieties so I am going to try all four this weekend. You may want to also. If you have not tried our pork and beef from Southern Natural foods, this weekend may be a good time to do so. They are a Tennessee company that produces all natural beef and pork on Tennessee farms. Ashley, our meat manager, has done quite a bit of consulting with them visiting their farms and processing facilities and is very impressed with their operation. These guys are producing a great product, doing it the right way, and they are local and we love local. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


Thanks for letting us be a part of your community,

Tom Butler

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