Grocery Life May 15, 2014

Grocery Life May 15, 2014

Lauren is excited about the school year ending soon.
Lauren is excited about the school year ending soon.

By Tom Butler

Good afternoon from Butler & Bailey Market,

It looks like we are going from two weeks in the high 80’s to the high 60’s for the next few days. Spring is back. You can always tell when the Butlers have something planned because the weather changes dramatically. This Sunday, my wife has a pool party planned for her mother/daughter book club. It looks like it may be a little cool to be swimming and they may have to resort to plan B. Right now plan B is to worry enough about the weather that it actually changes the weather. We will see how that works out?

My wife and I both love to read and she thought starting a mother/daughter book club would be a good way to introduce our daughter to the joy of reading. It must be working because often times she will ask if she can stay up a little late because she wants to find out “what happens” in the book she is reading.

The last book I read is called Paperboy.” The author of the book is Vince Vawter who lives here in Knoxville and Paperboy bookgoes to our church. I have known Vince for several years but did not know he had written a book until my wife told me. She read it and is planning to use it for her book club. Another thing I did not know about Vince is he has struggled with stuttering his whole life. In Paperboy, Vince writes about a boy with a stuttering problem trying to run his friend’s paper route for the summer. It is a semi-autobiographical look at what he went through growing up with a speech impediment in the 1950’s. Through his character and the other characters in the book, it really opened my eyes to how a speech impediment affects every part of one’s life. I really admire Vince, one for writing a book and two for writing about such a personal issue that helps us all to understand it better. He is an advocate and gives a voice to those with speech impediments. I looked on and the book has received several awards including the Newberry Honor. If you get a chance to read it, I think you will enjoy it. Plus he is a local guy, and we are all about supporting local people and local businesses.

The store has been running smoothly this week. We do have a mysterious roof leak though. It leaks when it rains, and it leaks when it’s sunny. It has baffled the roofers, but I am sure they will get it figured out.

Last night we had our bacon wrapped fillet burgers at home. They have become one of the new favorite things at our house. The meat department grinds their beef tenderloin trimmings, forms the patties, and wraps them with bacon. What you end up with is essentially a fillet mignon burger. I just grill them and we eat them like a steak instead of with a bun.

The fresh corn on the cob has been really good lately. It is on sale this week three ears for one dollar. I think the produce department employees fear a corn sale. They end up shucking thousands of ears a week trying to keep up and when they get behind, we all end up shucking corn. We sell some in the husk, but most people want it shucked.

Tonight we are going to have fish tacos. We have baseball practice, and this is a quick and easy meal to make when we get home. I get tilapia fillets and sauté them in a skillet with olive oil and Greek seasoning. The other ingredients we use are lettuce, already shredded in the bag, shredded cheese, fresh pico de gallo, regular or southwest flavor, already made and packaged in the produce department, and flour tortillas, which we lightly brown on the stovetop or in the oven. The whole meal takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare. If you need a quick and easy meal solution that is healthy, give this one a try. I hope everyone is having a good week!


tyson baseball game

Thanks for letting us be a part of your community,

Tom Butler

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