About Barbara Tenney

"Barbara is considered a legend among veteran cooks and one of the best." 

— Sarah Fritschner, Food Editor, The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY

Barbara TenneyBarbara Tenney:

  • has written four cookbooks.
  • has won over 900 awards and ribbons from various state and local competitions for her entries in pies, cakes cookies, breads, and candies, as well as,  jams, jellies, pickles and preservatives.
  • is an inaugural member of the Kraft Foods Hall of Fame.
  • has won 11 sweepstakes in pies, candies, cookies, cakes, dairy, and breads.

Barbara’s recipes have been published by various magazines and newspapers in the Midwest and Southeastern United States. She has appeared on numerous local television cooking shows. And she donates much of her time to many charitable organizations in the Knoxville area.

Barbara has been a guest lecturer at Carson Newman College and has taught over 5000 cooking classes in the past 13 years.