May 2018 Cooking Class Schedule



May 2018


May 10, 2018 A Touch of Class $65 plus tax

6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.   

Citrus Spinach Salad

Roasted New Potatoes with Spring Herb Pesto

Whiskey Marinated Beef Tenderloin

Whole Roasted Stuffed Cauliflower

Black Bottom Chocolate Tart with Fluffy Meringue



May 15, 2018 Gracious Gourmet $60 plus tax

6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.   

Shrimp Bisque

Pappardelle with Spring Vegetables (Pasta)

Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

Mango Glazed Salmon

Salted Caramel Cheesecake


May 22, 2018 Back Home in Indiana $55 plus tax

6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.                        


Crispy Ranch Potato Wedges

Corn on the Cob

Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (The size of a saucer) with

All the trimmings

Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream


May 24, 2018 Berried Treasure $65 plus tax

6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.   

Mixed Greens with Strawberry Cream Dressing

French Green Beans with Shallots

Sea Bass with Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry Bourbon Trifle

Easy Yeast Dinner Rolls with Flavored Butter


May 29, 2018 On Your Mark $60 plus tax

6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.   

Golden Glow Salad

Oven Roasted Beef Brisket with Makers Mark Sauce

Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Glazed Baby Carrots

Toasted Sour Cream Pound Cake with Bourbon Ice Cream

And Bourbon Caramel Sauce


Reservations can be made in the store or call (865)691-8881. Class size is limited to 16 and a minimum of 8 people needed for each class. Payment must be made when reservation is made. All cancellations must be made 48 hours before the class.